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Established in 2023 and based in the Leeds University Business School, the EYE Research Hub aims to confront the crisis in early years education and care. With the sector struggling to cope in the aftermath of COVID, new strategies are urgently needed.

The EYE Research Hub will support the development of research and evidence-based policy. We aim to tackle workforce challenges by proactively developing long-term partnerships between EY actors from a wide range of perspectives.

 The EYE Research Hub is a collaboration of: 

  • Policymakers
  • Early year care providers
  • professional associations 
  • researchers

We are made up of two key bodies: a steering committee, which oversees our activities and a research network for research dissemination and knowledge exchange.  

The Steering Committee  

This is a small, decision-making consortium which will help shape the direction and priorities of the hub, and to be involved in key decision-making. Steering committee members have influence over the development of research agendas and advise on and co-produce research on employment in the early years at all stages: funding bids,peer-review and dissemination. Members have early access to unpublished data and are at the centre of knowledge-exchange between policy makers and sector advocates. The steering committee is also able to coordinate joint submissionsto relevant calls for evidence.  

The EYE Hub Network 

This is a wider network of interested scholars, policy and sector actors in early years which acts principally as a knowledge exchange. Research and details of scholarly activity can be shared through the network.

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